Sunday, May 22, 2011

TEC Infrared Grills Bring the Finest in Infrared Grilling

Infrared grills have become extremely popular over the past 30 years. It really is no wonder why, because for grilling fanatics, they open a world of opportunities. Infrared grills have no limitations, unlike gas and charcoal grills.
            In 1980, the very first infrared grill was unveiled, created by Thermal Engineering Corporation. Tec owned a patent on this ground-breaking technology, and were the only ones to further develop upon this prototype. This very first model was quite basic by today’s standards. It was actually a combination infrared grill, as it used both infrared heat and flame, both generated by heated ceramic plates. These ceramic plates were far from sophisticated, however. They were rather delicate, and removing spilled food from them often caused irreparable damage. Nonetheless, they were a major advancement from conventional grills, and today grill repair can help make your TEC infrared grill last even longer.
            In the reinvention process, a variety of different materials were employed to help solve the issues the original infrared grill possessed. Glass was implemented on top of the ceramic, in hopes it would be the solution to spillage. It was an amazing addition, as it caused the flames to be enclosed, resulting in foods cooked with only the infrared heat. The end result was the most tender and juiciest barbequed foods many had ever eaten.
            From that point on, reinventions became a major part of them game. TEC grill parts were improved upon the point of perfection. The most successful incarnation happened when metal was layered to create the most potent form of infrared energy. More advanced glass panels are placed over the burners to prevent air from flowing into the grill. The entire interior has been engineered to create a uniformed heating element. This has resulted in the elimination of flare-ups that once plagued the entire design.
            Infrared grills, today, are loaded with benefits, and have an enormous following by grill masters. Some of the great reasons they are so loved include how eco-friendly they are, as they use less fuel than traditional grills; they have faster heating times, fully reaching their heat potential in 3 minutes; have excellent searing capabilities, provide a uniform cooking heat that provides an even cooking to all foods, and their cleanup is extremely easy and effective due to the glass cooking surface. One of the best reasons many choose an infrared over a conventional grill is the health benefits they provide. In traditional grilling, you always have the risk of carcinogens accumulating in meats. Think about it; those grill marks are caused by flame. When using infrared heat, contact  between the food and the flames actually never happens. Therefore, you significantly reduce the amount of carcinogens that get produced.
            One figure that tends to steer people away from infrared grills is their higher price, in comparison to gas and charcoal grills. This is definitely due to the technology, design, and craftsmanship that go into the building of an infrared grill.
The materials used are also a key player, as they are built with metal of very high quality. The elements that provide their technological heating, which maintain the uniform heating, are also part of the hefty price makeup.
            Though the price may sway you, there are several ways that an infrared grill will enable you save money, though. Because of their high-tech, uniform method of heat and cooking, you will lose less food both during cooking, and afterwards as this method does not burn, or dry out foods. In addition, the savings on fuel cost are also considerable, and if you grill frequently, you will see the savings in no time. If time is a factor in your life, as it is in most peoples’, the savings in time will also impress you. As mentioned previously, an infrared grill reaches full heat in mere minutes, as opposed to half an hour or longer, with constant supervision to ensure a proper fire. Infrared grills also cool faster as well, making them a safer alternative if you have children in close proximity.
            So, if you are looking for a grill that can save you time, money (in the long run), provide a safer environment for your children, expose you to less carcinogens, be more environmentally friendly, and most importantly- cook your foods to perfection- infrared is the way to go!

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