Wednesday, June 15, 2011

American Outdoor Grills Are the American Dream

If outdoor cooking is your preferred method of cooking, you know that having a top notch grill is extremely important. When the weather warms up, there is nothing that can beat the experience of enjoying the beautiful outdoors while preparing a meal for your family. The beauty of grilling is about the journey as much as the destination. The experience should be fantastic, and the grilled food should be delicious.
            Perhaps the single most important aspect of choosing a grill is versatility with value. When you consider the enormous range of grills on the market, it can seem a bit overwhelming to know exactly what the best value is. Understandably, performance is also a key factor, because if you are a serious grill master the last thing you need is a grill that can’t handle major grilling. If you’re looking for well-rounded execution, America Outdoor Grills probably has the grill for you. If you want the ability to slow-rotisserie as well as perfectly sear, you need a grill that can handle it. Searing has become the preferred method amongst steak connoisseurs, and there is good reason why. No other method can create a steak so juicy and tender, while unbelievably caramelizing the exterior.

            American Outdoor grills are the perfect balance of price value, stellar performance, quality, and dependability. So dependable in fact, that when purchased they are equipped with a 15 year warranty on the burners, and all other parts carry a 10 year warranty. And even despite this safety net, American Outdoor grills are built to last decades, and should not require much in the way of grill repair. Their burners are not ordinary, run-of-the-mill burners; they are crafted of titanium alloy steel. Every grill boasts an exterior of 304 stainless steel, with a structurally-sound fully welded frame. Stainless steel cooking grids deck out the cooking surface. A rotisserie is set on the back burner, while an additional side burner offers the ultimate in options for outdoor cooking. This kind of craftsmanship is the sort found on the finest grills on the market, yet with American Outdoors, the prices run around what you might pay for lower end grills with additional frills.
            The name “American Outdoors” may not ring with familiarity as Weber or Char-Broil do, however they are manufactured by R.H. Petereson Co, one of the most trusted, beloved names in the grilling industry. With more than 65 years in the grilling industry, they stand for quality, and  being American-made quality. This company is also responsible for Fire Magic Grills, one of the most respected, high end giants among grills. American Outdoors grills stack up very well next to their luxury counterparts, except when it comes to price. With these grills, you really do get a high end grill without the hefty price tag. One of the ways costs are kept down is by offering just three models. These grills, nonetheless, are quite versatile, and the size differential is large; from 24 to 36 inches, with cooking areas ranging from 432 to 648 square inches. BTU’s on these grills range from 32,000 to 70,000. Even still, American Outdoor bbq grill parts are of outstanding quality, and are definitely among the best built on the market.
            American Outdoor grills can be used as built-in grills, as the perfect centerpiece in your outdoor kitchen. They are also available as portable models, for the ultimate convenience and mobility anywhere you wish to use them. Different doors and drawers are made to provide you with storage on your terms. Once you are set with your model and style, you can then fit your grill with a variety of different accessories that can customize and enhance your experience with your grill.
            American Outdoor grills are simply one of the best investments you can ever make for your grilling lifestyle. Providing you with high-end quality, performance, and durability, while being totally cost effective is the American dream: American Outdoor Grills.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ducane Gas Grills Were Meant for Long Living Quality

Ducane is a longtime loved brand for their sturdy, well-performing grills. For over thirty years, they’ve been trusted for their dependability and ability to handle bbq.
            Today, Ducane is owned by another historically reputable brand: Weber. In New Jeresey, 1946, the Ducane Bothers Metal Fabricating company was started, and their focus was making hot air furnaces, powered by oil. In 1975, they changed their name to simply the Ducane Company, moved down south to South Carolina, and began creating the unrivaled Ducane gas grills. These were some of the finest grills to ever hit the market, and were an instant hit amongst backyard grill masters everywhere. To this day, they are still considered one of the best, and many people are still crazy about their vintage Ducanes grills. With the availability of grill repair, and purchasing replacement parts, there is nothing that keeps these marvels of grilling from still running powerfully today.

            Part of the history behind Ducane gas grills was the ideal of quality that every grill was built on the premise of. The founders believed that grills should be made from the best materials available. Die cast aluminum was always a standard, as was the best USA stainless steel, and a stunning finish of baked enamel paint for the exterior surfaces were all standard features on Ducane grills, in a time when most manufacturers were looking to cheapen their commercial grills, and cut costs every way they could.
            Ducane eventually went out of business, and was bought out by Weber. It is a sad story, that because of their sincere commitment to never lowering standards, they actually turned customers away. It is a very unfortunate tale, that because of their refusal to follow the trend curve, and use less expensive, even cheap materials like their competitors were doing, they were unable to sustain themselves and remain in business. On the flip side, however, being bought by Weber meant that the Ducane name was able to remain, and that lifetime warranties remain honored by Weber. As many people bought Ducane gas grills for their stupendous quality, and ability to last through decades of use, wear and tear, and weathering  of the elements – many today are still proud owners. For those who continue to use their original grills, Ducane gas grill parts are sold for repairs.
            The newest generation of Ducane grills feature great additions like rotisseries, smokers, and high BTU outputs. Large scale, and small models are available to suit the needs of every grilling enthusiast. As accessories, top-notch grill covers are also sold to make keep your investment protected no matter what the weather, or humidity level brings.
            Today, Weber continues to manufacture grills under the Ducane name, however they are in no way the same quality as the original Ducanes. You will still get a high quality, well performing grill, but costs have definitely been cut in terms of the fine materials that were once a given. In a sense, if you are a fan of Weber, you will most certainly be a fan of Ducane, even with the changes that have occurred. In terms of customer service, Weber is known for being excellent, and Ducane is definitely under that umbrella as well.
            Whether you’ve known of Ducane grills for the past 35 years, or if you’ve recently discovered them in a quest for the perfect grill, its great to know about the company as a valid option. Ducane gas grills were built to last, and through all these years, many people still use their original grills, and just replace parts as needed- they were that durable. Ducane’s legacy is fantastic, and it is pretty awesome that if you wanted to purchase a brand new Ducane, that option remains as well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Solaire Infrared Grills: Brilliance Like the Sun

In a world of grills that merely look pretty and do little to perform, Solaire Infrared Grills are so much more than patio bling. Crafted to outperform all other grills on the market, these are top of the line, professional-quality grills made to grill the most delicious foods you’ve ever eaten.
            Designed with an intensely powerful infrared red system, in a short three minutes they are fully preheated and ready for grilling. Ideally, infrared grills are the perfect accoutrement to the perfectly grilled steak, as most of the top steakhouses would attest to this fact. However, as with any grill only with better results, you can grill to perfection all forms of meat, chops, seafood, and vegetables.
            If you’ve never used infrared heat for grilling, or perhaps never heard of it, it can be the very deciding factor in a perfectly grilled food. Infrared heat is extremely high, and provides the ultimate in searing capabilities. This high heat delivers such a searing, that flavors and juices remain locked into your foods, while shrinkage and shriveling are a thing of the past. In terms of time management, Solaire’s infrared heat is also the front-runner because they cook in about half the time it takes conventional grills, and even lesser quality infrared grills. This time factor is something many grill lovers adore about infrared technology; it allows them the opportunity to grill on a daily basis, rather than as a weekend hobby. And in terms of the old saying, “work smarter, not harder,” I’d say, Solaire grills are right on point. Made to last, grill repair will keep everything on your Solaire in tip-top shape for many years.

            Infrared heat is perhaps the most technological method of heat available on the cooking market. It is within the electromagnetic spectrum, which also incorporates visible light, radio waves, and X-rays. When it comes to cooking, especially in terms of grilling, these infrared heat waves make for incredible moisture retention, because contrary to traditional grilling methods, infrared heat does more than just provide a hot surface. Infrared heat energy has a vibration to it, and when used in grilling, it causes the molecules in the foods to vibrate. It forces moisture on the surface to be pushed well inside the foods being grilled. The taste this method creates in incomparable, enhancing natural flavors, maximizing moisture, and retaining the health properties.
            In the cooking process, Solaire Infrared grills are nearly immune to annoying flare-ups, because without a secondary heat source, grease does not trapped in the grill. The powerful heat instantly vaporizes drippings, which will then not fall, and will add additional flavor to your grilled foods.  
            They build their grills to exceed commercial standards, and all models boast exquisite features. Solaire Infrared bbq grill parts are some of the finest you will ever see made. Standard features include a push-button rapid start electronic ignition, mirror finished accents, and a lifetimes warranty on the stainless steel construction, V-grilling grids, and main burners. The main burners are constructed with ceramic infrared, double-laced ported U-burners, or a combination of both. For conversion or cleaning, they remove easily. The stainless steel construction has been gorgeously welded with heli-arc seams, and contains no metal fasteners, which makes these grills stunning to gaze upon. Warming rack and drip tray, comprised of stainless steel, are removable for easy clean up and access. Pedestal, post-mount, and cart models feature folding side shelves. For models that come with a rear infrared rotisserie, heavy-duty motor, spit rod, and forks are included. All models 30” and larger come with a durable, premium cover.           
            When it comes to their grills, and when it comes to grilling, Solaire Infrared does not mess around. They have designed the ultimate in satisfaction- a stunning marvel of infrared engineering, to produce a great cooking experience, and an even better tasting experience as opposed to traditional grills. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Affordable Quality is Uniflame Gas Grills

            Lower cost does not always mean lesser in quality or performance. Uniflame has built themselves a solid reputation for manufacturing great grills, that offer a wide range of features, while still being extremely affordable. With such a devoutly loyal following of customers, it is easy to see why they have received such rave reviews for their grills. Uniflame BBQ grill parts are often needed for routine wear and tear, and are made of supreme quality.
            Uniflame gas grills stack up next to more expensive brands with total ease. When it comes to competition, they are forerunners, and they are loaded with great reasons to choose. They are known to include such features as brass burners on some of their grills, which require less replacement over the years, because contrary to typical iron, brass does not accumulate rust. Uniflame also do not skimp on such vital details as construction. Using materials like galvanized stainless steel for the bodies of grills always impress. Beautiful design is also apparent with Uniflame. Many models boast seamless finishes, with welded stainless steel doubly lined tops. Porcelain-coated, cast iron cooking grids, porcelain/ steel wire warming racks, and porcelain heat plates are also part of what Uniflame is loved for. They also have managed to slide in some little extras like a towel bar with a tool holder on some models. Drip pans and flame guards are created to slide out for easy clean up, which is a much easier alternative to outdated designs that required immense power to clean them. Knowing that most consumers value convenience, many units are fitted with storage shelves and compartments to help to stay organized. Temperature gauges are also part of many packages, to help keep things convenient while grilling. Knowing what their customers want, they understand the needs of many include grills with fast lighting, and the ability to reach full capacity heat a short amount of time. Uniflame has managed to create grills that can handle a large amount of food- with cooking areas that boast as much as 720 square inches. Uniflame also understands that in a gas grill, most people want power in addition to space and good design. For their low prices, it can really be delightful to have BTU’s  in the range of 62,000. In addition to being ultra-powerful, these grills also tout a reputation for providing an excellently even heat during cooking. Large knobs lend an ergonomic approach to easily using the burners.
            Also in terms of design, many grill-masters love how easy to assemble their grills are. Known for their incredible parts, Uniflame customers boast that the quality is evident from the moment you begin to put your grill together. Usually the first things that need updating are the burners, and these are made to fit flawlessly.
 Should grill repair be a necessary option down the line, replacement grill parts for your Uniflame are easy to locate, and should not be a hassle to exchange.
            In terms of maintenance, your Uniflame should always be kept very, very clean. By staying clean, especially during cookout, you bypass the risk of flammable flare ups or dangerous, spontaneous bursts of flames. This, of course, is pretty easy to do because of clever design techniques, these grills are very simple to clean.
            When it comes to grills that are made well, of high quality parts, simple to assemble, perform beautifully, can handle a large amount of food, and all the while are extremely affordable – it does not get better than Uniflame. Considering the low cost, Uniflame grills are also made to last many years. Finding replacement parts, should any repairs be needed, is not hard to do.