Monday, October 10, 2011

Rasmussen: Four Generations of Innovation

Growing ever consistently in popularity, gas lags for heating in vent-free as well as traditionally vented fireplaces are not a new invention. In reality, they have been in existence since the 1950's. As people become more and more aware of more environmentally sound ways of using energy in their homes, the interest in gas logs and different methods of gas heating is also increasing. Wooden logs, however, are becoming obsolete. Why cut down trees for burning, when you can use something reusable?
Rasmussen is a company whose roots go back four generations. Rasmus Rasmussen was a Danish immigrant, and to this country he brought the skills of professional ironworking and blacksmithing. In 1907, he started his business, Rasmussen Iron Works as a retail operation, with a selection of fireplace screens and various fireplace tools. Beyond the ordinary, these were exquisitely designed to offer esthetically pleasing options for their fireplaces. This opened a new channel for development, and also the ability to prove his own entrepreneurial versatility. Eventually the company would expand into areas that included the manufacturing of welded handles that were part of the structures of ships that were used during World War II, producing steel structures for buildings, as well as parts for trucks.
After World War II, the company decided to focus on retail efforts after Rasmus's son, Ted proposed the idea of selling many different types of fireplace products. This shop was opened in the front of the manufacturing location. Included in the items for sale were the inventive gas logs that offered consumers the ability to use a different fuel in their fireplaces, with ultimately better results.
Many customers saw the potential of gas logs, however they were dissuaded by the fake look of the logs. An enormous part of the appeal of wood burning fires are the beautiful natural characteristics, and the beauty of a fire on wooden logs. T.R., Ted’s son saw the capabilities of developing this concept further. Manufacturers scoffed at his ideas, and could not find anyone to create the product he was looking for. So, like any other maverick, he had to create it himself. He went to great lengths to create logs that could withstand the high temperatures of burning gas fires, while still being realistic and giving the look of actual wood. He spared no detail, and designed every crevice, every layer of bark, and even the char marks so that even the most discriminating eye would not be able to tell the difference between his logs and true wood. In addition to the gas logs, T.R. also developed the sand pan burner, which proved to produce the best performing flame in a gas-burning contraption.
T.R.’s son, Rett was also no exception to inheriting a talent for the family business. He has also expanded the business in new directions, while implementing improvements on existing products. He is behind the creation of the Chillbuster heaters, which are an amazing new concept for heating homes. They are run with gas logs, and can be controlled via remote. If you live in a climate where emergency heating sources are a concern, these are an excellent option because they are quite dependable. You do not an electricity source to power them, only propane or natural gas. Furthermore, just like using gas logs, you do no need to worry about the quality of the air because several different safety measures are included, like sensors that keep the oxygen and gas levels monitored.
For four generations Rasmussen has built a solid reputation for always providing their customers with great products they can rely on. They have created a name with products that perform well, and offer convenience and options. From blacksmithing to modern, wood-free fireplaces, they are a brilliant company with incredible roots!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Enjoy The Flames: Decorative Fire Pieces

Fire never goes out of style. Candles have been made in every design possible, and you can literally find them everywhere. No matter what your taste, personal esthetic, design inclinations may be, most people appreciate the warm glow of candles and firelight. In that same vein, and a little more extreme, fire pits, fire pots, tiki torches, and fireplaces are all ceaselessly favored as accents that bring fire to the forefront of a living space, whether inside or out.

 If you are looking for something new to add some fire in your house, and you want something a little out of the ordinary, a vent free fireplace may be for you. Unlike an ordinary fireplace, a ventless model can be used anywhere. They are powered by gas, either propane or natural gas, and can perform just like a traditional fireplace. Where they really differ from their built-in counterparts is in style. With a ventless fireplace, you can use gas logs, which are hand crafted from extremely resistant, durable ceramic, designed to replicate the intricate natural likeness of wood, or you can really veer off the beaten path with some of their more vibrant designs. Fire balls, which stack up and resemble cannon balls for a very modern, sculptural look. Fire balls are also made of ceramic material, and available in a host of different colors for customization and great coordination. Another great look is the colored crushed fire glass. Used in the standard stainless steel burner, it makes for a sparkling, brilliant look when the flames are lit. There are several colors available, like black, white, clear, blue, turquoise, and copper. Glass gems are also popular, and they also add an interesting touch to the décor. One of the most modern, and streamlined looks it the burner set up entirely bare. Without any accents and decoration, the look is straightforward, clean, and entirely timeless while still remaining current.    

Trends come and go, repeat themselves, get reworked, revitalized, tossed entirely, and reinvented. Fire remains, and no matter how many different incarnations it undergoes, decorative fire pieces, like unvented fireplaces, fire pits, and fire pots make enjoying it a breeze!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 HOT Things You Cannot Be Without This Winter!

1. A fire pit. If you live in South Florida, as I do, a fireplace is not exactly the most common household accessory to come by. Sure, you could have one built in to your home's architecture, but seriously, all that work for something you're only going to use a few months out of the year, and is not a necessity what so ever. And, just for kicks, to add insult to the injury, it really does not get cold enough to even need one for the warmth. What to do if your fantasies of enjoying a fire during the cold months has just been put out by that rant? Get yourself a fire pit, stat. Usually of the portable, easy to set up variety, you can find some gorgeous designs, that will go nicely with whatever your patio decor may be. Styles include table-like pits, furnaces, "houses," and chimneys, so you have the upper hand in choosing what works for you. If this isn't enough for you, and your mind schemes something more dramatic, more profound, more like an actual fireplace, you can actually have a fire pit into your backyard. Intricate or basic, huge or small, it can be done; which is the beauty of custom work!

2. Gas logs for the ventless fireplace. The ventless fireplace, you may ask? It does exist, and is a viable option for those who want to savor the glow of a fire in their homes, without having one built in. Yes, it really is that simple. Icing on the cake: no actual wood will get burned! Gas logs made for use in ventless fireplaces are continuously burning, totally safe for indoor air quality and breathing, and do not force you to come up with a way of storing an entire season's worth of wood. Brilliant!

3. Gas logs for the vented fireplace. Backing up #2, gas logs are versatile, and they really rock. It's kind of amazing that not too many people have heard of them, and how awesome they are. They totally replace the need for using actual wood, and heat quicker as well. And, when you're through, all you have to do is turn it off! If you're thinking that you're going to be missing out on the actual beauty of a fire in your hearth, think again. These hot logs are designed to mimic the looks of actual wood, with hand-painted wood designs, accessory pieces that add natural charm, and a fire that burns true. What you will actually be missing out on: residue, soot, ash, smoke, and a fire that needs to burn its way out. Still need convincing?

4. Pretty fireplace accessories. If fire is your thing, no matter how enticing gas logs may be, it's understood, it's part of our primal instincts, and modernity can only take over so far for some folks. So if you are all for wood fires in your fireplace, having nice tools that work, and add some decorative flair is really good too. It just says "winter."

5. A good chimney cap. If you have a fireplace, you'd be utterly foolish to forego this one. Your chimney just isn't a chimney without one. It should be functional, and for esthetic purposes, make sure it coordinates with your house's exterior. Multi flue, or single flue, fit to size or universal, make sure you have one and it fits before you get that fire roaring this year!

Here's to a happy and firery-hot autumn and winter season!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Alternative Fireplaces

When it gets cold, nothing beats a fire. If your dwelling does not have the capacity for housing a fireplace, or say perhaps your landlord isn’t crazy about the prospect of you having one installed, there are alternatives. Ventless fireplaces add an incredible element of warmth to any home, and they cost a mere fraction of the total cost of building one into a house.

            Ventless fireplaces are loaded with amazing benefits that many people are crazy about. Unlike conventional fireplaces, you do not have to worry about several things, for instance:  cleaning the residue that inherently comes with burning wood. They are easy to maintain, and provide a beautiful, well-working fire. For use indoors, they are very safe and have many features that keep their safety in check. Oxygen depletion sensors ensure the air always remains at a breathing-safe level, while gas fumes are kept in check by limiting the btu output of the gas logs. The logs are advisably set up in a certain way that ensures the amount of carbon is limited.
Many people also love the affordability factor of ventless gas fireplaces. Not only is installation a fraction of the price of a vented fireplace, you save money by using gas and electric logs because they do not burn out like wood does. This aspect of reusing is also very attractive to many people who are not thrilled with the continuous cycle of cutting trees for use as fuel.

            If you opt for electric fire, you have many choices that lay before you. Electric fireplaces are also a great alternative for those who want a another option for a fireplace that does not require massive construction, or the commitment of something permanent. These are very realistic, create a very warm heating capability, and are powered by simply plugging it into an outlet. An LED insert allows you to have the fun of different special effects, including crackling sounds! A remote control lets you adjust the flame to your desire. Electric logs are also available, and these work similarly to gas logs, and simply plug in as well.   
            If you are wanting a ventless fireplace, you do have options for the fuel that you use. You can use either gas logs or electric fireplace inserts for fabulous results that will simulate a real fire experience, and still has the capacity to heat a room. Gas logs are a very clever alternative to actual wood because they give you much control over the power of the fire, and allow you to literally turn it on if you have it connected to a control valve. No wasting time starting a fire, when a switch will do it for you.
             Ventless gas logs are made to resemble actual wood logs very closely. They are hand-painted and feature a very realistic grain pattern. Ceramic gas logs are extremely durable, and are built to be nearly unbreakable! Their working mechanisms are hidden securely, and when their flames are blazing, you would have to look awfully close and intently to really see a significant difference between a gas log fireplace and a traditional one.
            As for esthetics, ventless fireplaces are absolutely beautiful. They are pleasing to look at and can add a lot of dimension to your space. Available with accents like colored glass, fire balls, river rocks, and geometric shapes also offer the ability to have a look that does not have to even involve the wood design of gas logs if want. These styles offer a gorgeous, modern alternative fireplace that will emit enough heat to warm even the coldest room on a winter night while never compromising your personal décor.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gas Logs: Whether You Have A Vented Or Ventless Fireplace

Fire is awesome, and it speaks to our primal nature. It also does wonders for heating homes, cutting fuel costs when heating, and esthetically it makes for excellent ambiance.
            There is nothing at all like the power of fire. When it gets cold outside, especially when it gets as cold as this past winter which shattered records, and brought continuous blizzards to many places throughout the country, there is nothing like a blazing fire to keep your home and spirit warm. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, you know what it does for keeping the house heated. Did you know, however, that there are alternatives available if you are not exactly fond of using and storing actual wood, to keep the fire lit in your fireplace? And did you know, that the power of these alternatives is so awesome, that even if you do not have a fireplace built into your home, you still have options for creating a similar set up?

            If you have a vented fireplace, and are sick of the hassle of gathering firewood, lugging it home if you’ve purchased it, and storing large amounts of it to last you through the winter season? Are you done with the trouble it takes to clean up soot and ash, as well as the residue the burnt wood leaves in your fireplace and chimney? The perfect antidote to traditional wood logs are modern gas logs. Designed to give you control of the fire, and alleviate some of the issues associated with regular wood, gas logs have many fantastic benefits. It is true, that you do lose the rustic charm of conventional wood, but when you can kindle a gas flame, and set it to the desired temperature, and have it roaring in no time flat, are you truly missing out on anything? Certainly not, for sure. If you hook up a control valve to your gas log, it enables you to have even more control of the fire, as it can be adjusted with the simplicity of a switch.
            Gas logs used in a vented fireplace are a brilliant alternative to traditional wood because they are safer, as they do not spit and crackle, spewing sparks and embers. The actual logs are made of ceramic material, that is reinforced with steel. They look and burn beautifully, and are extremely durable.
            For use in a vented fireplace, all the same parts for your fireplace and chimney are still needed, however. A firebox, chimney, flue, and termination cap are absolutely essential for proper running. Finally, if you need even more added to the visuals, you can even purchase accessory kits that will add character, and add more realistic charm to your fire. Twig kits, wooden logs, pine cones, and wood chips can all be used as accent pieces.

            If you don’t own a fireplace, and do not have the ability to have one in your residence, a ventless fireplace can make your dream of having one, come true. Ventless fireplaces are just that: ventless. They are perfectly capable of functioning like a vented fireplace, and add the same warmth and glow to your home, without the high cost of installing a vented fireplace. What powers their fire are propane and natural gas. What is even more incredible about these unvented fireplaces is that they contain sensors for detection of oxygen depletion. Thermocouple determines the heat output, and BTUs are limited to reduce fumes from unburned gas. Specific patterns are created in burning the logs to control the level of carbon within the gas.
             Much effort has been made to create a very realistic look. Logs are hand-painted, and logs burn with a very natural pattern. Ventless fireplaces also add incredible decorative elements to any home. River rocks, ventless glass, and geometric designs can add even more of an accent to a ventless fireplace, in addition.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Infrared Searing For The Beginner


             If you’re accustomed to grilling, it may come as a surprise that grilling with the power of infrared heat is a totally different scenario. Just like any other cooking technique, it takes some time to master. For some this may happen quickly, and without much effort, while for others it may be more gradual. The most beloved method of cooking on an infrared grill is searing, which locks in moisture and creates savory flavor.

            Infrared technology in terms of grills is solely owed to the company TEC, or Thermal Engineering Corp. In the 1980’s they pioneered this technology and applied it to grills, and the end result was an ultra powerful grill, with the highest heat output on a grill ever seen. The technology was then patented, and these grills were only available to those in commercial environments such as restaurants. Once the year 2000 rolled around, this patent expired, and infrared gas grills were able to be sold to the public. At first, people did not catch on as quickly because of the enormous price tags that were attached. But because they were no longer protected, the technology was then accessible to everyone, and soon other manufacturers were releasing their own takes on the almighty infrared.
            Many people, once they’ve purchased an infrared grill, are anxious to begin cooking on it, and to know the proper ways to use it. Strangely, no one as of yet, has released a book that details the instructions that work best for grilling infrared. Above all, you must always keep in mind the difference in heat that this type of grill will bring. It’s really not your ordinary heat source, and it is way more powerful. The standard output is 1500 degrees, and will cook a steak in minutes. The grill’s hood must always be kept open during grilling because of the intense pressure that is generated by the gas. The powerful heat then rises off of the burner, and unlike a traditional grill, infrared gas grills do not conduct heat in the air. This is known as directional heat, and it travels directly upwards.
            It is important to note that the grill presents an interesting surface to work with. In between the grates is where the heat will rise from, and will cook the food that is placed on it, differently from the areas where the food hits the grates. The meat will have to be turned at very short intervals, somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds apart. This change in position changes the heat from direct to indirect. As you turn, the time lessens because even though the food may not be receiving direct contact with the infrared heat, it is still receiving residual heat that is present in the air due to conduction. 15 seconds in, there will be obvious stripes, signifying areas that have been cooked and others that have not. As you turn, the cooking is more even. Once this process of precision is complete, you will flip your item over to do the same process on the other side. Generally, you can allow about one minute and 30 seconds for each side as a safe estimate for total cooking. And, this my readers, is searing. Quick cooking, over extreme heat, with utmost attention paid to your subject.
            Among the different foods you can sear, ground beef hamburgers can be one of the trickiest as they are not exactly flat and can rarely get a searing that compares to that of fillets. Steak and fish fillets are the prime examples of foods that sear perfectly, ensuring perfection in tenderness and flavor.
            So, if infrared grilling is going to be on your personal to do list, or if you are just curious, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this little instructional! Happy searing!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harsh Weather Calls for Tough Seating: Eucalyptus Hardwood Furniture

         What compliments the perfect outdoor kitchen better than the perfect outdoor living room? I think nothing! Spending time outside, in the sun and under the stars is something that never gets old. It is definitely one of the best aspects to living in Florida, where we have such a fantastic climate. If you want to make the most of your backyard, an awesome barbeque grill, and great patio furniture can turn your home into a luxury resort.

         Here in South Florida, we have intense weather conditions. Our renowned sunshine, blazing heat, monsoon-like rains, ever present humidity, salty air, and occasional tropical storm or hurricane make it a pretty interesting place to reside in, to say the least! If you spend time outdoors, rather if you do not live beneath a limestone rock down here, you are probably well aware that its always in a state of change. If you have furniture outdoors, you know how easily it can be worn down by the elements, and very quickly it can go from being beautiful and comfortable, to awaiting bulk trash pick up. Suffice it to say, it is also never enjoyable to waste money on furniture that is pricey and does not last long. And finding quality outdoor furniture that can actually withstand our regular conditions here in the sunshine state can be quite a  mission!

         The perfect solution? Hardwood eucalyptus. You’ve most likely heard of eucalyptus, as it has been used for millennia for its medicinal aromatherapy attributes, but the wood from this tree is a phenomenal material for outdoor patio furniture. Until recently, the most common wood used for patio furniture was teak. Gorgeous in color, and naturally able to avoid deterioration with elemental exposure, teak was the go-to wood of choice for people who wanted beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, comfortable patio furnishings. Unfortunately, the world’s supply of teak has been detrimentally cut back, and it is not the wisest material to be using for furniture. Anyone with any intelligence at all will balk at its use, when there are ecologically sound alternatives, such as eucalyptus. On this note, harvesting teak is also illegal in many places, so that even if you wanted it, it would probably be difficult to obtain.

          Eucalyptus hardwood, on the other hand, is a brilliant alternative. This hardwood bears a beautiful resemblance to teak in that as aging occurs, a gray ash coloring overtakes its exterior, adding a distinctive elegance. There are so many reasons to be in love with this wood. Unlike other woods, it does not weaken under the pressure of the sun, salt, and water. It does not require chemical treating, and cleans rather easily. Other types of patio furniture, such as cheaper woods, aluminum, and plastic often need the power of pressure cleaning to remove the mildew and other unsanitary undesirables that can accumulate. Hardwood eucalyptus is resilient, and cleans with simple wiping with water, when it has been protected with proper oiling. Oiling also boasts the benefit of giving you the option of preserving the beautiful golden amber color, in contrast to the gray you can achieve with just outdoor exposure.
         Nearly any type of patio furniture is available in hardwood eucalyptus. Whether you want the perfect pair of adjustable chaise loungers, an extensive dining set, or a serving bar, guaranteed you can find the most suitable pieces to your taste and your patio space. Rocking chairs, bistro dining sets, benches, storage bins, and bar carts are also available to complete your outdoor living room.
         Many people can be hesitant to purchase eucalyptus furniture, as it can be pricey. However, if you want hardwood patio furniture that will last you many years of comfort and beauty, eucalyptus can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. As an investment, it will last decades, and physically its beauty will age gracefully.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Constituents of Infrared Grilling

We’ve known about gas grills and charcoal grills for as long as we can remember. It’s always been one or the other, and most people are pretty passionate about their preferred method. Add a new form of grilling into the mix, that has been winning fans both from the professional community, as well as home grill masters, and you may have gas and charcoal fans becoming converts. The method is infrared grilling, and you’ve probably heard of it, if grilled foods are your thing.
            Until quite recently, infrared grills were not found on the mainstream market. As an exclusive item, they were only available to chefs and commercial restaurant professionals. In 2000, this remarkable technology hit the markets for the first time, and infrared grills, though extraordinarily expensive at the time, were now available to the public. This happened because the patent that protected infrareds prior was then expired, and the technology became available to all manufacturers to produce.
            And produce they have! As time passed, and the desire increased, the prices have significantly dropped on infrared grills. Most major brands now make their own versions of the infrared grill, with all varieties of additional features and accessories to up the ante, and the competition. Some feature infrared rotisseries, as well as burners. Some of the best, most well-known brands of infrared grills include TEC, Char-Broil, Alfresco, Fire Magic, American Outdoor Grills (AOG), and Solair.
            The difference between infrared heat and regular bbq grilling is in the heat itself. Infrared heat is extremely hot, and works to directly cook and sear foods. The infrared burners are most commonly made of stainless steel or some variation of ceramic material. Infrared grills are always powered by gas, most often propane. The temperatures range in degrees from 450 to 900. The traditional grilling method, cooked foods in an entirely different way altogether. These grills worked to cook by heating the air, so that foods on the grill were actually cooked by this convectional heat cloud, not directly. Different than this type of hot air cooking, infrared grills have an internal heat that allows your foods to cook fast, and with a greater precision. With convection, the grilling process is an intricate process, that requires an intent, careful watch, as this hot air can really cause foods, especially meats, to dry out fast. Infrareds have the ability to create an even, uniform heat that enables the moisture in foods and meats to be sealed in, retained during grilling.
            Most people who have started using infrared bbq grills are more than pleased with them for their many benefits. If you research different models and reviews, chances are, that you will see most consumers are very happy with the results they produce, and the many assets they afford you. Because infrared grills cook so very quickly, they are known to use less gas and propane than traditional gas grills. They heat very quickly, and cook quickly, so they get turned off quickly! Without any necessary preparation, and a miniscule amount of clean up, you can focus on the important things, like grilling, eating, and entertaining.
            The one area of question is definitely in price. Many consumers are reluctant to go for infrared grills when they look at the price tags. Its true, that they are almost always pricier than most other gas grills, and definitely more expensive than charcoal grills, but if you are seriously considering one you should definitely weigh your options. If better tasting foods, a great amount of time saving, and the use of less fuel amount to benefits you could have in your life as a grilling enthusiast, then an infrared grill may very well be for you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The perfect backyard patio should feature most of all a perfect bbq grill, perhaps set into a custom built outdoor kitchen, surrounded by the beauty of a well-landscaped yard, and has the most comfortable, beautiful furniture of which to relax upon. These are the makings of a resort in your own home, where you can enjoy the outdoors in ultimate comfort.
            If you are in the market for new outdoor patio furniture, you may be overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices that lay before you. There are thousands of designs, so many various materials, fabrics, structural differences, and above all: options in what the furniture is actually constructed out of.

            If you live in South Florida, you know that our elements are intense, and anything we keep outdoors exposed to them pose an obvious, inherent risk. Between the sun, salt air, humidity, rain, and wind, the elements here have no mercy on our possessions. If you have previously owned patio furniture, you must already understand how quickly the pieces can deteriorate when they are exposed. Iron and steel can rust, wood and other natural materials will rot and weaken if not very well protected, hardwood, such as eucalyptus is an option, however it may not visually please everyone, and plastic structures wear down and are known to disintegrate. Knowing all of this, your options for quality outdoor furniture can seem immensely limited.

            If wicker is among your top likes, you probably know how lacking in strength it is. It is unfortunate, because wicker is gorgeous, has such a distinctive appearance, and is exceptionally comfortable. Resin wicker, however, is a beautiful option that many people may not know exists, or how very durable it is. Designed to replicate the organic texture, natural look, and movement of wicker, resin wicker has an incredible look. The resin is made from synthetic materials, and long cords are intricately woven around a sturdy aluminum frame. Aluminum, which is an absolutely perfect material for outdoor use as it does not rust, is water and weather resistant, somewhat light in weight, and available in different colors that lend themselves very well to the look of any patio design scheme. Aluminun, also different from most other metals, is resistant to the elements because it does not oxidize, or expand because of oxidation.
            There are many different styles of resin wicker patio furniture available. Sofas, love seats, chaise loungers, dining sets, tables, and arm chairs are some of the most desired pieces. There are also modular sets, that combine pieces for sectional looks. These add to the “living room” appeal, and are very luxurious and very comfortable. Nothing quite says “relaxation” quite the same! Along the same lines, you will not find a finer chaise lounge for laying out poolside. The modern design is simple, yet very stylish, with excellent structure and hidden wheels for easy moving around. As weather resistant as the aluminum resin wicker is, it would be absolutely pointless to have ordinary outdoor cushions atop them. Always befitted with the finest, highest quality cushions, they are guaranteed to not wither away from being exposed to the elements. Their comfort is never a question, either, as they feel wonderfully supportive and soft.
            Outdoor resin wicker furniture is extremely easy to maintain. As it is quite resilient, it also is meant to be a stress-free, fuss-free investment. The care involved with resin wicker is very minimal, and simple wiping with water and a gentle soap or cleaner should be enough to keep it looking great. Because aluminum and resin are such durable materials, your furniture, even kept outdoors, should last for many years ahead. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gas Fireplaces: Vented and Ventless

Gas fireplaces are a brilliant way to incorporate the look, design, and warmth of a hearth, with the benefit of being powered by gas.  They can be created indoors or outdoors, and they generate more heat than a standard gas heater, so in addition to looking great, they are incredibly functional. In the past, ventless as well as vented fireplaces that were powered with gas logs were not known for being either stylish or realistic. Knowing there was a market for both, there have been great strides made to make the more attractive and appealing. When it comes to gas fireplaces, you have two options: vented and ventless. They are entirely different, and are specifically suited to your needs and space available.

            If you do not have a fireplace, but want one, a ventless fireplace may be a good choice to consider. Unvented gas fireplaces are powered by natural gas and liquid propane, which enables them to run indoors without a chimney, or any type of ventilation. They are equipped with sensors that monitor oxygen levels, to ensure that depletion is not occurring, and breathing conditions are safe. Thermocouple determines heat, while BTU’s are limited to keep gas fumes that have been burned in check. Specific patterns in design work to control the carbon emitted in the gas. Previously, one of the big drawbacks to ventless gas fireplaces was the unnatural look, the vulgar appearance of the Oxygen Depletion Sensors. Much effort was placed in redesigning this scheme, to create a more realistic look that imitated a traditional fireplace more exactly. To make the logs more lifelike, they are now hand-painted, with charring. Their movements imitate those characteristics of a regular wood-burning fire, for a very true-to-form version.
            Artistic approaches have been taken very far with these ventless fireplaces, and many different versions have been rendered with such accents as glass, river rocks, and geometric designs. If you opt for a ventless gas log, the possibilities are endless!
            Vented gas fireplaces differ from unvented as they are basically traditional fireplaces that are powered with gas logs, versus using actual wood. The process of sourcing wood, and then storing it can create a great deal of hassle. When using it in the fireplace, it is burdensome because it has to be stacked in a particular fashion, and then kindled as it burns. Often you have to take different measures to get it lit, using bricks or cubes. After the beautiful fire fun is had, you have to clean up the residue and remaining ash. Vented gas logs light easily, their temperature adjusts with control valves, and once you are through enjoying the fire, all you have to do is turn it off. And then, there is no clean up necessary.
            As with a traditionally set up wood-burning fireplace, in order to properly use vented gas logs, you need a chimney and flue, with a cap. A firebox is not necessary if the fireplace builder acknowledges the burner’s size and valve.
            The  size of the fireplace determines the BTU limit on vented gas fireplaces, and they are so easy to handle because of their control valves, which are in control of flame heights. Imagine simply having to flick a switch, during the coldest parts of the year, to achieve a great fire that warms the room! When you burn your gas logs, you can follow any pattern you wish. Re-stacking can be done as much as needed, to achieve desired the flame patterns, because the fumes released from gas are funneled out by the chimney. Vented gas logs can be burned all year long, safely, pleasurably, and effectively.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recipes Worthy of Your BBQ Grill

Just because I’m sure your summer grilling is in full swing, I thought that sharing some of my favorite grilled recipes as of late would be entirely appropriate. Whatever type of bbq grill you use, whether it’s an infrared gas grill, a standard gas model, or a charcoal grill, you can get the job done right, and eat some pretty delicious foods!
            In our home, we try to eat healthy most of the time. Moderation is key, and we feel it gives us the freedom to eat as we please. So, here are my current picks for delicious summer eating grilled: sausage and pineapple skewers, grilled peppers stuffed with feta and garden-fresh basil, and chicken satay.

Stuffed Peppers:

Bell Peppers
Feta Cheese
Fresh Basil Leaves
Garlic Powder

This isn’t a typical stuffed pepper dish, but it still rocks. You can use any color variation, and feel free to get as creative as you like. Simply clean your peppers, and slice them in halves. Coat with vegetable oil, or whatever oil suits your fancy for grilling. Grill them on the cooking grates, depending on your grill’s specs till they are tender, about 3 to 5 minutes, with the inside faced downwards. A little charring is amazing here. Once they cool a bit, stuff the feta and basil, with the seasonings sprinkled on top. Not only are these easy and fast, but they look great too.

Sausage and Pineapple Skewers:

A really good bbq sauce; I love Stubb’s.

These make an excellent party dish. It’s almost silly to even call this a recipe, as it is so simple, but it really is delicious. The presentation is fabulous, and they taste amazing. I use pork sausage, but feel free to use any kind you like. Cut the sausage and pineapple into 1.5” chunks, and skewer them. Lay them on a large plate and pour some bbq sauce on them so they are nicely coated. When your grill is ready, get them onto the heat until you have nice grill marks. Onto your serving platter they go, and are ready to be eaten!

You can buy fresh pineapple already cut in chunks at your grocery, in the produce department, which help cut down time and energy. If you use frozen sausage, it will slice much nicer if it’s about 50% defrosted, rather than totally defrosted. I’ve used spicy Italian pork sausage, as well as pork sausage with parmesan laced through it, and both have had delightful results.

Chicken Satay

Chicken Breast
½ Small Onion, Chopped
2 Spring Onions
¼ Cup Chopped Peanuts
¼ Cup Coconut Milk
¼ Cup Soy Sauce
3 Garlic Cloves, Chopped

Though not a properly authentic recipe, this satay is my take on the dish, and mimics the flavors well. This recipe also makes an excellent party food. Both satisfying as well as a finger food being on the skewer, it does double duty. It is best served with a delicious peanut sauce (recipe follows). Cut the chicken into 1.5” pieces. Finely chop the garlic and onions. Pour the soy sauce and coconut milk over the chicken, and add everything else. Let this marinade work its magic for 25 minutes. Afterwards, skewer the meat and they will be prepared for grilling. They will be done when they have apparent grill marks, and caramelization, about 10 minutes.

Peanut Sauce

1 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter
½ Cup Soy Sauce
½ Cup Coconut Milk
3 Tbsp Raw Sugar
2 Inch Piece of Ginger Root, Grated
2 Garlic Cloves, Minced
2 Spring Onions, Minced
Juice of Half a Lime

Put all the ingredients into a food processor or blender, and puree until smooth and creamy. If you would like it thinner, add more coconut milk and soy sauce, to taste. With the chicken, this makes for an incredible appetizer!

These three simple, grill-happy recipes are my favorites right now. They’re healthy, satisfying, and really tasty. Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: Get it On Outside!

One of the greatest reasons people flock to Florida is the weather, and the fantastic climate. If you live here, chances are that you appreciate how easy it is to enjoy the outdoors. Grilling fits perfectly into the equation, as it can be done all year long in outstanding conditions. Grilling obviously results in amazingly delicious foods, but the process is a huge part of the success.
            BBQ grills come in so many shapes and sizes, and you can literally find anything you may desire in an outdoor cooker. The ultimate experience for the at-home grilling professional has got to be the fully-equipped, custom-designed outdoor kitchen. What could possibly make your backyard more inviting, than adding a kitchen that is made to your own specifications? They can be lavish or simple, and include every possible amenity, or can be a perfect spot for grilling, and only grilling with ample counter space and storage options. We use top of the line grills, such as those by Solaire, for exceptional performance. Whether you have an enormous patio to work with, or limited space, a custom grill island can be designed specifically for you.

            For more than ten years in South Florida, the possibilities have been endless. We’ve constructed hundreds, and tested a variety of methods that have proven to withstand the temperamental rainy season, the severe heat, tropical storms, and even major hurricanes. Construction has always been performed on-site, to ensure absolute precision in support and stability. With this kind of background, we have the ability to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Working with other contracting professionals, nearly any design scheme can be executed. Electricity can be run in multitude of ways, to make arrangements for additional lighting, appliances like ice machines, refrigeration, and even to house a television. Plumbing can also be custom rigged for custom running water. Grill islands are as varied as homes and personal taste, so there is no design that cannot be built.
            In the beginning, our outdoor kitchens were done with masonry. While good quality, this method was extraordinarily time consuming. Poured concrete was used for a short time, but this was not only a long process, but it was also not as sturdy. Galvanized steel framing was the answer to constructing in a timely manner, with extremely secure construction. It is comparable to the galvanized steel used to build the walls within homes, however it is commercial grade, and much more dense and resilient than the galvanized product sold in retail store. This method is now used in our summer kitchens, fire pits, and fireplaces. In building, we exceed the mandatory legal standards for our construction. Our designs have been tested by homeowners over the years in tropical storm and hurricane conditions, and certainly prove their excellence. The only grill repair that has ever been necessary due to the elements has been minor. Scratched grill hoods, broken tiles are the worst damages we have faced – a testament to the strength of our superiorly built grill islands.
            Another reason customers are so pleased to refer us, is that we get the job done in a short amount of time, sometimes as little as four day for delivery of a grill. The process from design to manufacturing and construction has been perfected to the point of science for us, and can be completed without an excessive time frame.
            A custom summer kitchen can turn your home into the ultimate home resort! We use the finest American bbq grill heads, as well as a whole range of accessories such as drawers and access doors, all in 304 stainless steel for lasting quality, that can remain strong in South Florida’s humid, hot, and sometimes intense weather conditions. A grill island is the perfect addition to any home!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

American Outdoor Grills Are the American Dream

If outdoor cooking is your preferred method of cooking, you know that having a top notch grill is extremely important. When the weather warms up, there is nothing that can beat the experience of enjoying the beautiful outdoors while preparing a meal for your family. The beauty of grilling is about the journey as much as the destination. The experience should be fantastic, and the grilled food should be delicious.
            Perhaps the single most important aspect of choosing a grill is versatility with value. When you consider the enormous range of grills on the market, it can seem a bit overwhelming to know exactly what the best value is. Understandably, performance is also a key factor, because if you are a serious grill master the last thing you need is a grill that can’t handle major grilling. If you’re looking for well-rounded execution, America Outdoor Grills probably has the grill for you. If you want the ability to slow-rotisserie as well as perfectly sear, you need a grill that can handle it. Searing has become the preferred method amongst steak connoisseurs, and there is good reason why. No other method can create a steak so juicy and tender, while unbelievably caramelizing the exterior.

            American Outdoor grills are the perfect balance of price value, stellar performance, quality, and dependability. So dependable in fact, that when purchased they are equipped with a 15 year warranty on the burners, and all other parts carry a 10 year warranty. And even despite this safety net, American Outdoor grills are built to last decades, and should not require much in the way of grill repair. Their burners are not ordinary, run-of-the-mill burners; they are crafted of titanium alloy steel. Every grill boasts an exterior of 304 stainless steel, with a structurally-sound fully welded frame. Stainless steel cooking grids deck out the cooking surface. A rotisserie is set on the back burner, while an additional side burner offers the ultimate in options for outdoor cooking. This kind of craftsmanship is the sort found on the finest grills on the market, yet with American Outdoors, the prices run around what you might pay for lower end grills with additional frills.
            The name “American Outdoors” may not ring with familiarity as Weber or Char-Broil do, however they are manufactured by R.H. Petereson Co, one of the most trusted, beloved names in the grilling industry. With more than 65 years in the grilling industry, they stand for quality, and  being American-made quality. This company is also responsible for Fire Magic Grills, one of the most respected, high end giants among grills. American Outdoors grills stack up very well next to their luxury counterparts, except when it comes to price. With these grills, you really do get a high end grill without the hefty price tag. One of the ways costs are kept down is by offering just three models. These grills, nonetheless, are quite versatile, and the size differential is large; from 24 to 36 inches, with cooking areas ranging from 432 to 648 square inches. BTU’s on these grills range from 32,000 to 70,000. Even still, American Outdoor bbq grill parts are of outstanding quality, and are definitely among the best built on the market.
            American Outdoor grills can be used as built-in grills, as the perfect centerpiece in your outdoor kitchen. They are also available as portable models, for the ultimate convenience and mobility anywhere you wish to use them. Different doors and drawers are made to provide you with storage on your terms. Once you are set with your model and style, you can then fit your grill with a variety of different accessories that can customize and enhance your experience with your grill.
            American Outdoor grills are simply one of the best investments you can ever make for your grilling lifestyle. Providing you with high-end quality, performance, and durability, while being totally cost effective is the American dream: American Outdoor Grills.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ducane Gas Grills Were Meant for Long Living Quality

Ducane is a longtime loved brand for their sturdy, well-performing grills. For over thirty years, they’ve been trusted for their dependability and ability to handle bbq.
            Today, Ducane is owned by another historically reputable brand: Weber. In New Jeresey, 1946, the Ducane Bothers Metal Fabricating company was started, and their focus was making hot air furnaces, powered by oil. In 1975, they changed their name to simply the Ducane Company, moved down south to South Carolina, and began creating the unrivaled Ducane gas grills. These were some of the finest grills to ever hit the market, and were an instant hit amongst backyard grill masters everywhere. To this day, they are still considered one of the best, and many people are still crazy about their vintage Ducanes grills. With the availability of grill repair, and purchasing replacement parts, there is nothing that keeps these marvels of grilling from still running powerfully today.

            Part of the history behind Ducane gas grills was the ideal of quality that every grill was built on the premise of. The founders believed that grills should be made from the best materials available. Die cast aluminum was always a standard, as was the best USA stainless steel, and a stunning finish of baked enamel paint for the exterior surfaces were all standard features on Ducane grills, in a time when most manufacturers were looking to cheapen their commercial grills, and cut costs every way they could.
            Ducane eventually went out of business, and was bought out by Weber. It is a sad story, that because of their sincere commitment to never lowering standards, they actually turned customers away. It is a very unfortunate tale, that because of their refusal to follow the trend curve, and use less expensive, even cheap materials like their competitors were doing, they were unable to sustain themselves and remain in business. On the flip side, however, being bought by Weber meant that the Ducane name was able to remain, and that lifetime warranties remain honored by Weber. As many people bought Ducane gas grills for their stupendous quality, and ability to last through decades of use, wear and tear, and weathering  of the elements – many today are still proud owners. For those who continue to use their original grills, Ducane gas grill parts are sold for repairs.
            The newest generation of Ducane grills feature great additions like rotisseries, smokers, and high BTU outputs. Large scale, and small models are available to suit the needs of every grilling enthusiast. As accessories, top-notch grill covers are also sold to make keep your investment protected no matter what the weather, or humidity level brings.
            Today, Weber continues to manufacture grills under the Ducane name, however they are in no way the same quality as the original Ducanes. You will still get a high quality, well performing grill, but costs have definitely been cut in terms of the fine materials that were once a given. In a sense, if you are a fan of Weber, you will most certainly be a fan of Ducane, even with the changes that have occurred. In terms of customer service, Weber is known for being excellent, and Ducane is definitely under that umbrella as well.
            Whether you’ve known of Ducane grills for the past 35 years, or if you’ve recently discovered them in a quest for the perfect grill, its great to know about the company as a valid option. Ducane gas grills were built to last, and through all these years, many people still use their original grills, and just replace parts as needed- they were that durable. Ducane’s legacy is fantastic, and it is pretty awesome that if you wanted to purchase a brand new Ducane, that option remains as well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Solaire Infrared Grills: Brilliance Like the Sun

In a world of grills that merely look pretty and do little to perform, Solaire Infrared Grills are so much more than patio bling. Crafted to outperform all other grills on the market, these are top of the line, professional-quality grills made to grill the most delicious foods you’ve ever eaten.
            Designed with an intensely powerful infrared red system, in a short three minutes they are fully preheated and ready for grilling. Ideally, infrared grills are the perfect accoutrement to the perfectly grilled steak, as most of the top steakhouses would attest to this fact. However, as with any grill only with better results, you can grill to perfection all forms of meat, chops, seafood, and vegetables.
            If you’ve never used infrared heat for grilling, or perhaps never heard of it, it can be the very deciding factor in a perfectly grilled food. Infrared heat is extremely high, and provides the ultimate in searing capabilities. This high heat delivers such a searing, that flavors and juices remain locked into your foods, while shrinkage and shriveling are a thing of the past. In terms of time management, Solaire’s infrared heat is also the front-runner because they cook in about half the time it takes conventional grills, and even lesser quality infrared grills. This time factor is something many grill lovers adore about infrared technology; it allows them the opportunity to grill on a daily basis, rather than as a weekend hobby. And in terms of the old saying, “work smarter, not harder,” I’d say, Solaire grills are right on point. Made to last, grill repair will keep everything on your Solaire in tip-top shape for many years.

            Infrared heat is perhaps the most technological method of heat available on the cooking market. It is within the electromagnetic spectrum, which also incorporates visible light, radio waves, and X-rays. When it comes to cooking, especially in terms of grilling, these infrared heat waves make for incredible moisture retention, because contrary to traditional grilling methods, infrared heat does more than just provide a hot surface. Infrared heat energy has a vibration to it, and when used in grilling, it causes the molecules in the foods to vibrate. It forces moisture on the surface to be pushed well inside the foods being grilled. The taste this method creates in incomparable, enhancing natural flavors, maximizing moisture, and retaining the health properties.
            In the cooking process, Solaire Infrared grills are nearly immune to annoying flare-ups, because without a secondary heat source, grease does not trapped in the grill. The powerful heat instantly vaporizes drippings, which will then not fall, and will add additional flavor to your grilled foods.  
            They build their grills to exceed commercial standards, and all models boast exquisite features. Solaire Infrared bbq grill parts are some of the finest you will ever see made. Standard features include a push-button rapid start electronic ignition, mirror finished accents, and a lifetimes warranty on the stainless steel construction, V-grilling grids, and main burners. The main burners are constructed with ceramic infrared, double-laced ported U-burners, or a combination of both. For conversion or cleaning, they remove easily. The stainless steel construction has been gorgeously welded with heli-arc seams, and contains no metal fasteners, which makes these grills stunning to gaze upon. Warming rack and drip tray, comprised of stainless steel, are removable for easy clean up and access. Pedestal, post-mount, and cart models feature folding side shelves. For models that come with a rear infrared rotisserie, heavy-duty motor, spit rod, and forks are included. All models 30” and larger come with a durable, premium cover.           
            When it comes to their grills, and when it comes to grilling, Solaire Infrared does not mess around. They have designed the ultimate in satisfaction- a stunning marvel of infrared engineering, to produce a great cooking experience, and an even better tasting experience as opposed to traditional grills. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Affordable Quality is Uniflame Gas Grills

            Lower cost does not always mean lesser in quality or performance. Uniflame has built themselves a solid reputation for manufacturing great grills, that offer a wide range of features, while still being extremely affordable. With such a devoutly loyal following of customers, it is easy to see why they have received such rave reviews for their grills. Uniflame BBQ grill parts are often needed for routine wear and tear, and are made of supreme quality.
            Uniflame gas grills stack up next to more expensive brands with total ease. When it comes to competition, they are forerunners, and they are loaded with great reasons to choose. They are known to include such features as brass burners on some of their grills, which require less replacement over the years, because contrary to typical iron, brass does not accumulate rust. Uniflame also do not skimp on such vital details as construction. Using materials like galvanized stainless steel for the bodies of grills always impress. Beautiful design is also apparent with Uniflame. Many models boast seamless finishes, with welded stainless steel doubly lined tops. Porcelain-coated, cast iron cooking grids, porcelain/ steel wire warming racks, and porcelain heat plates are also part of what Uniflame is loved for. They also have managed to slide in some little extras like a towel bar with a tool holder on some models. Drip pans and flame guards are created to slide out for easy clean up, which is a much easier alternative to outdated designs that required immense power to clean them. Knowing that most consumers value convenience, many units are fitted with storage shelves and compartments to help to stay organized. Temperature gauges are also part of many packages, to help keep things convenient while grilling. Knowing what their customers want, they understand the needs of many include grills with fast lighting, and the ability to reach full capacity heat a short amount of time. Uniflame has managed to create grills that can handle a large amount of food- with cooking areas that boast as much as 720 square inches. Uniflame also understands that in a gas grill, most people want power in addition to space and good design. For their low prices, it can really be delightful to have BTU’s  in the range of 62,000. In addition to being ultra-powerful, these grills also tout a reputation for providing an excellently even heat during cooking. Large knobs lend an ergonomic approach to easily using the burners.
            Also in terms of design, many grill-masters love how easy to assemble their grills are. Known for their incredible parts, Uniflame customers boast that the quality is evident from the moment you begin to put your grill together. Usually the first things that need updating are the burners, and these are made to fit flawlessly.
 Should grill repair be a necessary option down the line, replacement grill parts for your Uniflame are easy to locate, and should not be a hassle to exchange.
            In terms of maintenance, your Uniflame should always be kept very, very clean. By staying clean, especially during cookout, you bypass the risk of flammable flare ups or dangerous, spontaneous bursts of flames. This, of course, is pretty easy to do because of clever design techniques, these grills are very simple to clean.
            When it comes to grills that are made well, of high quality parts, simple to assemble, perform beautifully, can handle a large amount of food, and all the while are extremely affordable – it does not get better than Uniflame. Considering the low cost, Uniflame grills are also made to last many years. Finding replacement parts, should any repairs be needed, is not hard to do. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

TEC Infrared Grills Bring the Finest in Infrared Grilling

Infrared grills have become extremely popular over the past 30 years. It really is no wonder why, because for grilling fanatics, they open a world of opportunities. Infrared grills have no limitations, unlike gas and charcoal grills.
            In 1980, the very first infrared grill was unveiled, created by Thermal Engineering Corporation. Tec owned a patent on this ground-breaking technology, and were the only ones to further develop upon this prototype. This very first model was quite basic by today’s standards. It was actually a combination infrared grill, as it used both infrared heat and flame, both generated by heated ceramic plates. These ceramic plates were far from sophisticated, however. They were rather delicate, and removing spilled food from them often caused irreparable damage. Nonetheless, they were a major advancement from conventional grills, and today grill repair can help make your TEC infrared grill last even longer.
            In the reinvention process, a variety of different materials were employed to help solve the issues the original infrared grill possessed. Glass was implemented on top of the ceramic, in hopes it would be the solution to spillage. It was an amazing addition, as it caused the flames to be enclosed, resulting in foods cooked with only the infrared heat. The end result was the most tender and juiciest barbequed foods many had ever eaten.
            From that point on, reinventions became a major part of them game. TEC grill parts were improved upon the point of perfection. The most successful incarnation happened when metal was layered to create the most potent form of infrared energy. More advanced glass panels are placed over the burners to prevent air from flowing into the grill. The entire interior has been engineered to create a uniformed heating element. This has resulted in the elimination of flare-ups that once plagued the entire design.
            Infrared grills, today, are loaded with benefits, and have an enormous following by grill masters. Some of the great reasons they are so loved include how eco-friendly they are, as they use less fuel than traditional grills; they have faster heating times, fully reaching their heat potential in 3 minutes; have excellent searing capabilities, provide a uniform cooking heat that provides an even cooking to all foods, and their cleanup is extremely easy and effective due to the glass cooking surface. One of the best reasons many choose an infrared over a conventional grill is the health benefits they provide. In traditional grilling, you always have the risk of carcinogens accumulating in meats. Think about it; those grill marks are caused by flame. When using infrared heat, contact  between the food and the flames actually never happens. Therefore, you significantly reduce the amount of carcinogens that get produced.
            One figure that tends to steer people away from infrared grills is their higher price, in comparison to gas and charcoal grills. This is definitely due to the technology, design, and craftsmanship that go into the building of an infrared grill.
The materials used are also a key player, as they are built with metal of very high quality. The elements that provide their technological heating, which maintain the uniform heating, are also part of the hefty price makeup.
            Though the price may sway you, there are several ways that an infrared grill will enable you save money, though. Because of their high-tech, uniform method of heat and cooking, you will lose less food both during cooking, and afterwards as this method does not burn, or dry out foods. In addition, the savings on fuel cost are also considerable, and if you grill frequently, you will see the savings in no time. If time is a factor in your life, as it is in most peoples’, the savings in time will also impress you. As mentioned previously, an infrared grill reaches full heat in mere minutes, as opposed to half an hour or longer, with constant supervision to ensure a proper fire. Infrared grills also cool faster as well, making them a safer alternative if you have children in close proximity.
            So, if you are looking for a grill that can save you time, money (in the long run), provide a safer environment for your children, expose you to less carcinogens, be more environmentally friendly, and most importantly- cook your foods to perfection- infrared is the way to go!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only the Best: American Outdoor Grill

For over 70 years, the American Outdoor Grill company has offered the best to those seeking the finest in outdoor grills. As a touch-notch manufacturer of built-in grill units, as well as stand-alone grills, and grill parts, they can accommodate whatever your needs are and the space you have available. Headquartered in City of Industry, California, all products are manufactured by Robert H Peterson Company.

What Sets American Outdoor Grill Apart From the Rest

When it comes to all products of quality, design is always a key figure in appealing to customers. American Outdoor Grill has earned a well-deserved reputation over the years for their innovation, keeping up with changing technology, and being environmentally friendly. They consistently work to the request of their clientele, and take great pride in this relationship. Should you need them, it is also quite easy to purchase American Outdoor Grill repair parts. This is a company that lets it products do the talking, with a full commitment to providing excellent service.

Standing Alone

Known for their amazing stand-alone grills, these are ready-made, and come in three sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch. For areas which are smaller in space, Patio Post and In-Ground Post are really great options. These grills are constructed completely from stainless steel, and have advanced stainless steel burners, stainless steel grids, and the ignition is electronic. In addition, they also have a rotisserie backburner that is 10,000 BTU, available on the 24-inch unit. More reasons to fall in love with these grills include knowing that they all come fully assembled, have analog thermostats, and brass valves that are designed to last the entire life of the grill.


If you’re looking to go a step further than a stand-alone grill, the built-in grill is probably calling your name. American Outdoor Grill has created four distinct models of built-in grills to suit the needs of any grill master. First there is the 24-inch grill, the 30-inch grill, the 36-inch grill, and finally the in-ground post model which is directly driven into the ground for the ultimate in long-lasting sturdiness.

The built-in grills are built with an incredible, solid construction of stainless steel. They also all contain stainless steel burners, a rotisserie backburner, electronic ignition, and a customizable analog thermostat. These units are designed with the intention that they will be placed in a cabinet, or within a specially built brick housing. The most popular design choice amongst customers is a cabinet-style set-up, with counter space that allows for everyday grilling. These units, however customized and built-in, come fully assembled and ready to be installed. They are able to be used with propane or natural gas, whichever you prefer.

One of the top selling points of American Outdoor Grill products is their grease management system. This works by vaporizing grease and meat drippings. This method fills the air with an irresistible aroma, as well as intensifying the flavors of the food. Openings in the grill surface reduce potential fire-causing flare-ups. There are no limits to the varieties of ways you can cook with American Outdoor Grill. If you want quickly seared meat, or slow cooking with the rotisserie for maximum tenderness- the options are yours.


Accessories really complete the package. There are a number of different accessories that allow for a customized grilling experience, that fits your individual needs. If you are planning on not using your grill for an extended time, there are covers for built-in and stand-alone grills. An additional side burner, with a steel construction, offering 15,000 BTU is also available. This add-on has stainless steel grids and electronic ignition. For perfection in searing, you can purchase the Infra-Red burner, offering 16,000 BTU, which can also be used with either propane or natural gas.

Back it Up

As a further testament to their reputation for standing behind their grills, American Outdoor Grill offers an unbeatable warranty. This covers the ignition system, accessories, and vaporize panels for one year, all the stainless steel parts for 15 years, and everything else within all units are covered for 10 years.

In Closing

If you want a high-quality grill, constructed in stainless steel, equipped with a warranty, and plenty of options, look no further than American Outdoor Grill. Whether you want a stand-alone model, or a built-in customized grill center- it can be yours!