Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gas Logs: Whether You Have A Vented Or Ventless Fireplace

Fire is awesome, and it speaks to our primal nature. It also does wonders for heating homes, cutting fuel costs when heating, and esthetically it makes for excellent ambiance.
            There is nothing at all like the power of fire. When it gets cold outside, especially when it gets as cold as this past winter which shattered records, and brought continuous blizzards to many places throughout the country, there is nothing like a blazing fire to keep your home and spirit warm. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, you know what it does for keeping the house heated. Did you know, however, that there are alternatives available if you are not exactly fond of using and storing actual wood, to keep the fire lit in your fireplace? And did you know, that the power of these alternatives is so awesome, that even if you do not have a fireplace built into your home, you still have options for creating a similar set up?

            If you have a vented fireplace, and are sick of the hassle of gathering firewood, lugging it home if you’ve purchased it, and storing large amounts of it to last you through the winter season? Are you done with the trouble it takes to clean up soot and ash, as well as the residue the burnt wood leaves in your fireplace and chimney? The perfect antidote to traditional wood logs are modern gas logs. Designed to give you control of the fire, and alleviate some of the issues associated with regular wood, gas logs have many fantastic benefits. It is true, that you do lose the rustic charm of conventional wood, but when you can kindle a gas flame, and set it to the desired temperature, and have it roaring in no time flat, are you truly missing out on anything? Certainly not, for sure. If you hook up a control valve to your gas log, it enables you to have even more control of the fire, as it can be adjusted with the simplicity of a switch.
            Gas logs used in a vented fireplace are a brilliant alternative to traditional wood because they are safer, as they do not spit and crackle, spewing sparks and embers. The actual logs are made of ceramic material, that is reinforced with steel. They look and burn beautifully, and are extremely durable.
            For use in a vented fireplace, all the same parts for your fireplace and chimney are still needed, however. A firebox, chimney, flue, and termination cap are absolutely essential for proper running. Finally, if you need even more added to the visuals, you can even purchase accessory kits that will add character, and add more realistic charm to your fire. Twig kits, wooden logs, pine cones, and wood chips can all be used as accent pieces.

            If you don’t own a fireplace, and do not have the ability to have one in your residence, a ventless fireplace can make your dream of having one, come true. Ventless fireplaces are just that: ventless. They are perfectly capable of functioning like a vented fireplace, and add the same warmth and glow to your home, without the high cost of installing a vented fireplace. What powers their fire are propane and natural gas. What is even more incredible about these unvented fireplaces is that they contain sensors for detection of oxygen depletion. Thermocouple determines the heat output, and BTUs are limited to reduce fumes from unburned gas. Specific patterns are created in burning the logs to control the level of carbon within the gas.
             Much effort has been made to create a very realistic look. Logs are hand-painted, and logs burn with a very natural pattern. Ventless fireplaces also add incredible decorative elements to any home. River rocks, ventless glass, and geometric designs can add even more of an accent to a ventless fireplace, in addition.

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