Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harsh Weather Calls for Tough Seating: Eucalyptus Hardwood Furniture

         What compliments the perfect outdoor kitchen better than the perfect outdoor living room? I think nothing! Spending time outside, in the sun and under the stars is something that never gets old. It is definitely one of the best aspects to living in Florida, where we have such a fantastic climate. If you want to make the most of your backyard, an awesome barbeque grill, and great patio furniture can turn your home into a luxury resort.

         Here in South Florida, we have intense weather conditions. Our renowned sunshine, blazing heat, monsoon-like rains, ever present humidity, salty air, and occasional tropical storm or hurricane make it a pretty interesting place to reside in, to say the least! If you spend time outdoors, rather if you do not live beneath a limestone rock down here, you are probably well aware that its always in a state of change. If you have furniture outdoors, you know how easily it can be worn down by the elements, and very quickly it can go from being beautiful and comfortable, to awaiting bulk trash pick up. Suffice it to say, it is also never enjoyable to waste money on furniture that is pricey and does not last long. And finding quality outdoor furniture that can actually withstand our regular conditions here in the sunshine state can be quite a  mission!

         The perfect solution? Hardwood eucalyptus. You’ve most likely heard of eucalyptus, as it has been used for millennia for its medicinal aromatherapy attributes, but the wood from this tree is a phenomenal material for outdoor patio furniture. Until recently, the most common wood used for patio furniture was teak. Gorgeous in color, and naturally able to avoid deterioration with elemental exposure, teak was the go-to wood of choice for people who wanted beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting, comfortable patio furnishings. Unfortunately, the world’s supply of teak has been detrimentally cut back, and it is not the wisest material to be using for furniture. Anyone with any intelligence at all will balk at its use, when there are ecologically sound alternatives, such as eucalyptus. On this note, harvesting teak is also illegal in many places, so that even if you wanted it, it would probably be difficult to obtain.

          Eucalyptus hardwood, on the other hand, is a brilliant alternative. This hardwood bears a beautiful resemblance to teak in that as aging occurs, a gray ash coloring overtakes its exterior, adding a distinctive elegance. There are so many reasons to be in love with this wood. Unlike other woods, it does not weaken under the pressure of the sun, salt, and water. It does not require chemical treating, and cleans rather easily. Other types of patio furniture, such as cheaper woods, aluminum, and plastic often need the power of pressure cleaning to remove the mildew and other unsanitary undesirables that can accumulate. Hardwood eucalyptus is resilient, and cleans with simple wiping with water, when it has been protected with proper oiling. Oiling also boasts the benefit of giving you the option of preserving the beautiful golden amber color, in contrast to the gray you can achieve with just outdoor exposure.
         Nearly any type of patio furniture is available in hardwood eucalyptus. Whether you want the perfect pair of adjustable chaise loungers, an extensive dining set, or a serving bar, guaranteed you can find the most suitable pieces to your taste and your patio space. Rocking chairs, bistro dining sets, benches, storage bins, and bar carts are also available to complete your outdoor living room.
         Many people can be hesitant to purchase eucalyptus furniture, as it can be pricey. However, if you want hardwood patio furniture that will last you many years of comfort and beauty, eucalyptus can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. As an investment, it will last decades, and physically its beauty will age gracefully.

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