Monday, August 29, 2011

Alternative Fireplaces

When it gets cold, nothing beats a fire. If your dwelling does not have the capacity for housing a fireplace, or say perhaps your landlord isn’t crazy about the prospect of you having one installed, there are alternatives. Ventless fireplaces add an incredible element of warmth to any home, and they cost a mere fraction of the total cost of building one into a house.

            Ventless fireplaces are loaded with amazing benefits that many people are crazy about. Unlike conventional fireplaces, you do not have to worry about several things, for instance:  cleaning the residue that inherently comes with burning wood. They are easy to maintain, and provide a beautiful, well-working fire. For use indoors, they are very safe and have many features that keep their safety in check. Oxygen depletion sensors ensure the air always remains at a breathing-safe level, while gas fumes are kept in check by limiting the btu output of the gas logs. The logs are advisably set up in a certain way that ensures the amount of carbon is limited.
Many people also love the affordability factor of ventless gas fireplaces. Not only is installation a fraction of the price of a vented fireplace, you save money by using gas and electric logs because they do not burn out like wood does. This aspect of reusing is also very attractive to many people who are not thrilled with the continuous cycle of cutting trees for use as fuel.

            If you opt for electric fire, you have many choices that lay before you. Electric fireplaces are also a great alternative for those who want a another option for a fireplace that does not require massive construction, or the commitment of something permanent. These are very realistic, create a very warm heating capability, and are powered by simply plugging it into an outlet. An LED insert allows you to have the fun of different special effects, including crackling sounds! A remote control lets you adjust the flame to your desire. Electric logs are also available, and these work similarly to gas logs, and simply plug in as well.   
            If you are wanting a ventless fireplace, you do have options for the fuel that you use. You can use either gas logs or electric fireplace inserts for fabulous results that will simulate a real fire experience, and still has the capacity to heat a room. Gas logs are a very clever alternative to actual wood because they give you much control over the power of the fire, and allow you to literally turn it on if you have it connected to a control valve. No wasting time starting a fire, when a switch will do it for you.
             Ventless gas logs are made to resemble actual wood logs very closely. They are hand-painted and feature a very realistic grain pattern. Ceramic gas logs are extremely durable, and are built to be nearly unbreakable! Their working mechanisms are hidden securely, and when their flames are blazing, you would have to look awfully close and intently to really see a significant difference between a gas log fireplace and a traditional one.
            As for esthetics, ventless fireplaces are absolutely beautiful. They are pleasing to look at and can add a lot of dimension to your space. Available with accents like colored glass, fire balls, river rocks, and geometric shapes also offer the ability to have a look that does not have to even involve the wood design of gas logs if want. These styles offer a gorgeous, modern alternative fireplace that will emit enough heat to warm even the coldest room on a winter night while never compromising your personal d├ęcor.

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