Friday, July 1, 2011

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: Get it On Outside!

One of the greatest reasons people flock to Florida is the weather, and the fantastic climate. If you live here, chances are that you appreciate how easy it is to enjoy the outdoors. Grilling fits perfectly into the equation, as it can be done all year long in outstanding conditions. Grilling obviously results in amazingly delicious foods, but the process is a huge part of the success.
            BBQ grills come in so many shapes and sizes, and you can literally find anything you may desire in an outdoor cooker. The ultimate experience for the at-home grilling professional has got to be the fully-equipped, custom-designed outdoor kitchen. What could possibly make your backyard more inviting, than adding a kitchen that is made to your own specifications? They can be lavish or simple, and include every possible amenity, or can be a perfect spot for grilling, and only grilling with ample counter space and storage options. We use top of the line grills, such as those by Solaire, for exceptional performance. Whether you have an enormous patio to work with, or limited space, a custom grill island can be designed specifically for you.

            For more than ten years in South Florida, the possibilities have been endless. We’ve constructed hundreds, and tested a variety of methods that have proven to withstand the temperamental rainy season, the severe heat, tropical storms, and even major hurricanes. Construction has always been performed on-site, to ensure absolute precision in support and stability. With this kind of background, we have the ability to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Working with other contracting professionals, nearly any design scheme can be executed. Electricity can be run in multitude of ways, to make arrangements for additional lighting, appliances like ice machines, refrigeration, and even to house a television. Plumbing can also be custom rigged for custom running water. Grill islands are as varied as homes and personal taste, so there is no design that cannot be built.
            In the beginning, our outdoor kitchens were done with masonry. While good quality, this method was extraordinarily time consuming. Poured concrete was used for a short time, but this was not only a long process, but it was also not as sturdy. Galvanized steel framing was the answer to constructing in a timely manner, with extremely secure construction. It is comparable to the galvanized steel used to build the walls within homes, however it is commercial grade, and much more dense and resilient than the galvanized product sold in retail store. This method is now used in our summer kitchens, fire pits, and fireplaces. In building, we exceed the mandatory legal standards for our construction. Our designs have been tested by homeowners over the years in tropical storm and hurricane conditions, and certainly prove their excellence. The only grill repair that has ever been necessary due to the elements has been minor. Scratched grill hoods, broken tiles are the worst damages we have faced – a testament to the strength of our superiorly built grill islands.
            Another reason customers are so pleased to refer us, is that we get the job done in a short amount of time, sometimes as little as four day for delivery of a grill. The process from design to manufacturing and construction has been perfected to the point of science for us, and can be completed without an excessive time frame.
            A custom summer kitchen can turn your home into the ultimate home resort! We use the finest American bbq grill heads, as well as a whole range of accessories such as drawers and access doors, all in 304 stainless steel for lasting quality, that can remain strong in South Florida’s humid, hot, and sometimes intense weather conditions. A grill island is the perfect addition to any home!

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