Wednesday, June 15, 2011

American Outdoor Grills Are the American Dream

If outdoor cooking is your preferred method of cooking, you know that having a top notch grill is extremely important. When the weather warms up, there is nothing that can beat the experience of enjoying the beautiful outdoors while preparing a meal for your family. The beauty of grilling is about the journey as much as the destination. The experience should be fantastic, and the grilled food should be delicious.
            Perhaps the single most important aspect of choosing a grill is versatility with value. When you consider the enormous range of grills on the market, it can seem a bit overwhelming to know exactly what the best value is. Understandably, performance is also a key factor, because if you are a serious grill master the last thing you need is a grill that can’t handle major grilling. If you’re looking for well-rounded execution, America Outdoor Grills probably has the grill for you. If you want the ability to slow-rotisserie as well as perfectly sear, you need a grill that can handle it. Searing has become the preferred method amongst steak connoisseurs, and there is good reason why. No other method can create a steak so juicy and tender, while unbelievably caramelizing the exterior.

            American Outdoor grills are the perfect balance of price value, stellar performance, quality, and dependability. So dependable in fact, that when purchased they are equipped with a 15 year warranty on the burners, and all other parts carry a 10 year warranty. And even despite this safety net, American Outdoor grills are built to last decades, and should not require much in the way of grill repair. Their burners are not ordinary, run-of-the-mill burners; they are crafted of titanium alloy steel. Every grill boasts an exterior of 304 stainless steel, with a structurally-sound fully welded frame. Stainless steel cooking grids deck out the cooking surface. A rotisserie is set on the back burner, while an additional side burner offers the ultimate in options for outdoor cooking. This kind of craftsmanship is the sort found on the finest grills on the market, yet with American Outdoors, the prices run around what you might pay for lower end grills with additional frills.
            The name “American Outdoors” may not ring with familiarity as Weber or Char-Broil do, however they are manufactured by R.H. Petereson Co, one of the most trusted, beloved names in the grilling industry. With more than 65 years in the grilling industry, they stand for quality, and  being American-made quality. This company is also responsible for Fire Magic Grills, one of the most respected, high end giants among grills. American Outdoors grills stack up very well next to their luxury counterparts, except when it comes to price. With these grills, you really do get a high end grill without the hefty price tag. One of the ways costs are kept down is by offering just three models. These grills, nonetheless, are quite versatile, and the size differential is large; from 24 to 36 inches, with cooking areas ranging from 432 to 648 square inches. BTU’s on these grills range from 32,000 to 70,000. Even still, American Outdoor bbq grill parts are of outstanding quality, and are definitely among the best built on the market.
            American Outdoor grills can be used as built-in grills, as the perfect centerpiece in your outdoor kitchen. They are also available as portable models, for the ultimate convenience and mobility anywhere you wish to use them. Different doors and drawers are made to provide you with storage on your terms. Once you are set with your model and style, you can then fit your grill with a variety of different accessories that can customize and enhance your experience with your grill.
            American Outdoor grills are simply one of the best investments you can ever make for your grilling lifestyle. Providing you with high-end quality, performance, and durability, while being totally cost effective is the American dream: American Outdoor Grills.

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