Thursday, June 9, 2011

Solaire Infrared Grills: Brilliance Like the Sun

In a world of grills that merely look pretty and do little to perform, Solaire Infrared Grills are so much more than patio bling. Crafted to outperform all other grills on the market, these are top of the line, professional-quality grills made to grill the most delicious foods you’ve ever eaten.
            Designed with an intensely powerful infrared red system, in a short three minutes they are fully preheated and ready for grilling. Ideally, infrared grills are the perfect accoutrement to the perfectly grilled steak, as most of the top steakhouses would attest to this fact. However, as with any grill only with better results, you can grill to perfection all forms of meat, chops, seafood, and vegetables.
            If you’ve never used infrared heat for grilling, or perhaps never heard of it, it can be the very deciding factor in a perfectly grilled food. Infrared heat is extremely high, and provides the ultimate in searing capabilities. This high heat delivers such a searing, that flavors and juices remain locked into your foods, while shrinkage and shriveling are a thing of the past. In terms of time management, Solaire’s infrared heat is also the front-runner because they cook in about half the time it takes conventional grills, and even lesser quality infrared grills. This time factor is something many grill lovers adore about infrared technology; it allows them the opportunity to grill on a daily basis, rather than as a weekend hobby. And in terms of the old saying, “work smarter, not harder,” I’d say, Solaire grills are right on point. Made to last, grill repair will keep everything on your Solaire in tip-top shape for many years.

            Infrared heat is perhaps the most technological method of heat available on the cooking market. It is within the electromagnetic spectrum, which also incorporates visible light, radio waves, and X-rays. When it comes to cooking, especially in terms of grilling, these infrared heat waves make for incredible moisture retention, because contrary to traditional grilling methods, infrared heat does more than just provide a hot surface. Infrared heat energy has a vibration to it, and when used in grilling, it causes the molecules in the foods to vibrate. It forces moisture on the surface to be pushed well inside the foods being grilled. The taste this method creates in incomparable, enhancing natural flavors, maximizing moisture, and retaining the health properties.
            In the cooking process, Solaire Infrared grills are nearly immune to annoying flare-ups, because without a secondary heat source, grease does not trapped in the grill. The powerful heat instantly vaporizes drippings, which will then not fall, and will add additional flavor to your grilled foods.  
            They build their grills to exceed commercial standards, and all models boast exquisite features. Solaire Infrared bbq grill parts are some of the finest you will ever see made. Standard features include a push-button rapid start electronic ignition, mirror finished accents, and a lifetimes warranty on the stainless steel construction, V-grilling grids, and main burners. The main burners are constructed with ceramic infrared, double-laced ported U-burners, or a combination of both. For conversion or cleaning, they remove easily. The stainless steel construction has been gorgeously welded with heli-arc seams, and contains no metal fasteners, which makes these grills stunning to gaze upon. Warming rack and drip tray, comprised of stainless steel, are removable for easy clean up and access. Pedestal, post-mount, and cart models feature folding side shelves. For models that come with a rear infrared rotisserie, heavy-duty motor, spit rod, and forks are included. All models 30” and larger come with a durable, premium cover.           
            When it comes to their grills, and when it comes to grilling, Solaire Infrared does not mess around. They have designed the ultimate in satisfaction- a stunning marvel of infrared engineering, to produce a great cooking experience, and an even better tasting experience as opposed to traditional grills. 

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