Thursday, July 14, 2011

Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The perfect backyard patio should feature most of all a perfect bbq grill, perhaps set into a custom built outdoor kitchen, surrounded by the beauty of a well-landscaped yard, and has the most comfortable, beautiful furniture of which to relax upon. These are the makings of a resort in your own home, where you can enjoy the outdoors in ultimate comfort.
            If you are in the market for new outdoor patio furniture, you may be overwhelmed with the vast amount of choices that lay before you. There are thousands of designs, so many various materials, fabrics, structural differences, and above all: options in what the furniture is actually constructed out of.

            If you live in South Florida, you know that our elements are intense, and anything we keep outdoors exposed to them pose an obvious, inherent risk. Between the sun, salt air, humidity, rain, and wind, the elements here have no mercy on our possessions. If you have previously owned patio furniture, you must already understand how quickly the pieces can deteriorate when they are exposed. Iron and steel can rust, wood and other natural materials will rot and weaken if not very well protected, hardwood, such as eucalyptus is an option, however it may not visually please everyone, and plastic structures wear down and are known to disintegrate. Knowing all of this, your options for quality outdoor furniture can seem immensely limited.

            If wicker is among your top likes, you probably know how lacking in strength it is. It is unfortunate, because wicker is gorgeous, has such a distinctive appearance, and is exceptionally comfortable. Resin wicker, however, is a beautiful option that many people may not know exists, or how very durable it is. Designed to replicate the organic texture, natural look, and movement of wicker, resin wicker has an incredible look. The resin is made from synthetic materials, and long cords are intricately woven around a sturdy aluminum frame. Aluminum, which is an absolutely perfect material for outdoor use as it does not rust, is water and weather resistant, somewhat light in weight, and available in different colors that lend themselves very well to the look of any patio design scheme. Aluminun, also different from most other metals, is resistant to the elements because it does not oxidize, or expand because of oxidation.
            There are many different styles of resin wicker patio furniture available. Sofas, love seats, chaise loungers, dining sets, tables, and arm chairs are some of the most desired pieces. There are also modular sets, that combine pieces for sectional looks. These add to the “living room” appeal, and are very luxurious and very comfortable. Nothing quite says “relaxation” quite the same! Along the same lines, you will not find a finer chaise lounge for laying out poolside. The modern design is simple, yet very stylish, with excellent structure and hidden wheels for easy moving around. As weather resistant as the aluminum resin wicker is, it would be absolutely pointless to have ordinary outdoor cushions atop them. Always befitted with the finest, highest quality cushions, they are guaranteed to not wither away from being exposed to the elements. Their comfort is never a question, either, as they feel wonderfully supportive and soft.
            Outdoor resin wicker furniture is extremely easy to maintain. As it is quite resilient, it also is meant to be a stress-free, fuss-free investment. The care involved with resin wicker is very minimal, and simple wiping with water and a gentle soap or cleaner should be enough to keep it looking great. Because aluminum and resin are such durable materials, your furniture, even kept outdoors, should last for many years ahead. 

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