Sunday, September 25, 2011

Enjoy The Flames: Decorative Fire Pieces

Fire never goes out of style. Candles have been made in every design possible, and you can literally find them everywhere. No matter what your taste, personal esthetic, design inclinations may be, most people appreciate the warm glow of candles and firelight. In that same vein, and a little more extreme, fire pits, fire pots, tiki torches, and fireplaces are all ceaselessly favored as accents that bring fire to the forefront of a living space, whether inside or out.

 If you are looking for something new to add some fire in your house, and you want something a little out of the ordinary, a vent free fireplace may be for you. Unlike an ordinary fireplace, a ventless model can be used anywhere. They are powered by gas, either propane or natural gas, and can perform just like a traditional fireplace. Where they really differ from their built-in counterparts is in style. With a ventless fireplace, you can use gas logs, which are hand crafted from extremely resistant, durable ceramic, designed to replicate the intricate natural likeness of wood, or you can really veer off the beaten path with some of their more vibrant designs. Fire balls, which stack up and resemble cannon balls for a very modern, sculptural look. Fire balls are also made of ceramic material, and available in a host of different colors for customization and great coordination. Another great look is the colored crushed fire glass. Used in the standard stainless steel burner, it makes for a sparkling, brilliant look when the flames are lit. There are several colors available, like black, white, clear, blue, turquoise, and copper. Glass gems are also popular, and they also add an interesting touch to the d├ęcor. One of the most modern, and streamlined looks it the burner set up entirely bare. Without any accents and decoration, the look is straightforward, clean, and entirely timeless while still remaining current.    

Trends come and go, repeat themselves, get reworked, revitalized, tossed entirely, and reinvented. Fire remains, and no matter how many different incarnations it undergoes, decorative fire pieces, like unvented fireplaces, fire pits, and fire pots make enjoying it a breeze!

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